Exploring the intersection of film, history, and the Academy Awards, The Oscars Project is a one-woman tour through the last 90 years of cinema. It’s written, researched, edited, and hosted by self-professed cinephile Sophie Overett, who on a humid summer night in 2013 decided she was going to watch every movie ever nominated for an Oscar. With over 1,500 movies now behind her, she’s almost halfway there and only sometimes regrets starting this whole thing in the first place.

The Oscars Project separates each of the last 90 years into two episodes: the first about what was happening in the world, in the industry, in the artform that year; and the second about the movies and artists nominated, about the awards show itself, and her picks for you to watch (and, you know, not).

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Episode 2 - The 1st Academy Awards

In the second episode of The Oscars Project, get all the goss, glam and goods of the very first Academy Awards.

Listen to the episode here.

Episode 1 - An Invention without a Future

In the first episode of The Oscars Project, get a glimpse of the invention of the cinema industry - from the creation of the cameras, to the scandals that made Hollywood famous.

Listen to the episode here.

Episode 0 - An Introduction

And so it begins…

Listen to the introduction here.